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Penzey's Spices
As Bill Penzy is prone to say "Old spices never die, they just fade away"! It's amazing how true that is when you compare the freshness of Penzy's spices to those you've had lying around for years. The quality is outstanding and the price is unbelievable compared to the already "fadding" jars you buy from the grocery store... even with the shipping.
Butcher Boy Market
We keep moving farther away from Butcher Boy Market which is sad, as it is a veritable jewel in New England provision suppliers. I can't think of any market or butcher shop that has a better selection or higher quality meat than these people. They also offer a variety of unique specailty items not found in other stores. We do still return as often as possible.
Rubino's Italian Food
When we're in Rochester, New York, Rubino's is always a neccessary stop. Here we load up on a variety of Italian cheeses and meats, as well as, breads, spices and imported canned and jarred ingredients.
Living in New England often makes it difficult to obtain ingredients for southwestern or mexican recipes. Even if some items are available, they often disappear due to percieved limited popularity. When all else fails, comes to the rescue. "MexGrocer is an online grocery store for authentic Mexican food, recipes, cookbooks, and utensils."