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Cafe Escadrille
This is one of the first restaurants I dined in upon relocating to New England. I've visited it scores of times with years in between and the consistency of the experience was always of the highest quality. I've been to Cafe Escadrille for parties, meetings, anniversaries and intimate lunches. It is always the perfect setting, no matter what the occasion.
Michael Timothy's
Those of us who live in Nashua are very fortunate indeed to have a chef run bistro like Michael Timothy's. Whether it's a late night stop at the ever popular jazz bar, an informal lunch at the sidewalk tables, or a formal affair in the dining room, chef Michael Buckley's creative cuisine and inviting bistro atmosphere are simply perfect.
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Bedford Village Inn
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This is more of an experience than a restaurant or hotel. The location is the picturesque Berkshires. The building is a gorgeous Italianate villa that could easily be the the most sophisticated country house hotel in America and the food is quite possibly the best in New England.
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C. R. Sparks
Not quite the gourmet dining offered at some of the other restaurants on this page, but certainly a place I look forward to returning to with food of an extraordinary calibur in a casual and inviting setting.
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Chef Michael Buckley's seafood restaurant just across the street from Michael Timothy's. Wonderful fish and seafood creations and an impressive "raw bar".
Buckley's Great Steaks
Chef Michael Buckley's steak house in Merrimack.