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Michael's 1960 Lotus Elite #EB1190

This is one of the 700 or so remaining Lotus Elite's of the ~1050 built during the period of 1957-1963. It is configured as a Stage II meaning modified cam profile and dual SU carburettors. I purchased it from a desperate art student in 1976 for $1,850, as the third owner (the first being a sports car racer who prompted the many years of restoration work). The original cost of the car, which was delivered in kit form to bypass English tariffs, was $4,850. Today they can sell for as much as $30,000-$40,000.

In the first five years of ownership I completely restored the engine with all possible attention to detail. Additionally, the braking systems, power train, suspension, and wiring were restored.  For the next 24 years the poor car has been exiled to 9 different garages waiting for the final restoration operation: fully stripping, re-glassing, and painting the body.

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