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Internet Galleries Publishing
This is an incredible online fine arts resource with more than 24,000 great works of art by 1500+ artists. Many of the artist's works are accessible through thumbnail navigation, however, many simply use lists. At this time it appears to be completely free of all advertising.
Ciudad de la Pintura
This is a new fine arts resource offering a tremendous number of high quality images. It is a spanish language site but still very much a valuable resource no matter what your native language. All navigation is done with a thumbnail based mini-browser window, however, topic selection is done using some a rather complex chart list. Minimal advertising.
Olga's Gallery
One of the time honored online fine art gallery resources with more than 10,000 works of art represented. Navigation is done with lists of thumbnails. The quality of the images is always very good, however, they use a bit of "in your face" advertising that dampens the experience.
CGFA Gallery
Another time honored online fine art gallery that's been around for over ten years. It has fewer online works than Athenaeum or Olga's but the image quality and variety is good. Navigation is done with lists of thumbnails and the advertising is only mildly annoying.
Famous Artists Portraits
This is not actually a gallery site but an interesting collection of famous artist portraits done in the unique style of the artist. This collection is the work of Gary Kaemmer and one of the more interesting sites I've come across. I've used minatures of some of these portraits as icons on my gallery page.