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Ernesto Burden & Family
From my perspective, the quintessential philosopher... an individual I came close to being close to, but the time and space of our lives didn't quite mesh so I've resigned myself to saying I knew him. The former webmaster for the and websites, a formidable writer, husband and father.
The Halter Connection
The old "The Halter Connection" site from 1997 which is now being rennovated at
Paul Casuccio
Our nephew, the legal connection from Toronto.
Christine's images of The Lachiusa's visit to Italy..
Al Belote
Well, we never hosted his site... but we should have. A very interesting person, to say the least and a very accomplished artist as well.
Carmela Casuccio Gallery
"An award winning artist who has exhibited her work widely in the Toronto area and in galleries in California, Florida and London, England. Carmela's paintings can be found in corporate and private collections internationally." We're fortunate to have a few pieces of her work in our home... as she is my wife's sister!
An up and coming multiple media designer and artist from Toronto.
Rob Mansperger
Irreverent, arcane, obtuse and one of the most talented people I've ever met. An artist in many realms and arenas. From comics to formal web design his graphics are always compelling (while his wit is sometimes disturbing)!